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Hypnosis is one of the alternative therapies to overcome your aviophobia. Immersed in a state of semi-consciousness, it allows you to explore your anxieties in order to deactivate them. Discover how it works and what are the factors of success in order to get back on the plane serenely with hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis and aviophobia: how it works

Hypnosis doesn’t only address aviophobia: this therapeutic method offers a global response to all kinds of phobias and anxieties. In particular, it is “Ericksonian hypnosis” which is used to cure aviophobia. It consists in plunging the patient into a state of semi-consciousness allowing the hypnotherapist to interact with the subconscious mind. Through a state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind can defuse fears and build a calm and tranquilizing response to the phobia.

How do the hypnosis sessions take place?

“Your eyelids are heavy…” Far from clichés, hypnotherapy has become common enough to overcome fears related to flying. It is usually applied over 3 to 4 sessions, or more if needed. In rare cases, a single session may also suffice – especially if the patient is very receptive to hypnosis.

As in psychology, the content of the sessions is different for each person. The method is personalized according to the nature and degree of aviophobia. The hypnotherapist will address each person’s specific problems and adapt his or her therapy to what causes their aviophobia.

Indeed, aviophobia can have many causes: fear of death, claustrophobia, fear of losing control, trauma related to a turbulent flight, fear of human failure, etc…

Whatever the cause, hypnosis makes it possible to explore the subconscious mind to clear the roots of fear in the airplane. The therapist interacts through suggestions, questions, reminders… He introduces a change to deactivate the mechanisms that trigger phobias and anxieties.

Depending on the case, hypnosis can involve an exercise of “age regression“. It consists in going back over an episode from the past. The goal: to defuse the roots of anxiety by de-dramatizing past negative experiences. Once desensitized to the trigger of the phobia, the patient is supposed to be able to fly again without stress.

Hypnosis: when can it permanently cure aviophobia?  

For some people, hypnosis is an effective method that allows them to get back on the plane for a long time. There is no universal answer: for others, hypnotherapy will unfortunately have no effect. It all depends on one’s affinities, some people prefer therapies such as sophrology, self-hypnosis, relaxation, online training or complete courses on aviophobia (followed or not by an accompanied flight). The most important thing is to be well informed to choose among the available therapies!

Hypnosis, a universal solution?

The disadvantage of hypnotherapy is that not everyone is equal when faced with this method. First of all, some people are anxious at the idea of being hypnotized: not ideal for a serene approach to therapy.

Many patients manage to enter easily into deep or light hypnosis. However, others are not at all receptive and are unable to enter a state of semi-consciousness.

Receptivity to hypnosis is an important factor in the success of the therapy. In people who are refractory to hypnosis, the therapy is likely to have little effect.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Hypnotherapist

In order to have the best chance of success, it is essential to choose the right therapist. A good feeling is also one of the main factors of success.

The hypnotherapist must also be a professional doctor, which is a mark of confidence. Word of mouth is often recommended to choose a hypnotherapist. The first session is also decisive to be sure that you will feel confident and that the therapy will have every chance of succeeding.

While there is no 100% guarantee of results, hypnotherapy remains an alternative therapy to be considered closely if you are receptive to it. It is a risk worth taking, but it can have great effects to effectively overcome your aviophobia. Another option, self-hypnosis is an on-board method that you can apply yourself to relax on board. Finally, if it doesn’t work, you still have the online trainings against aviophobia with Fofly!